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Trawden Folk

I have received a number of taped conversations between two Trawden characters, Freeman Birtwistle and Joe Spencer born in 1870. Both Freeman and Joe were 90 years old when the tapes were originally recorded in 1960! The tapes were given to Alan Perrow of Cowling who has restored them and converted them to mp3 for distribution to interested parties. They make really interesting listening, if you can handle the broad Lancashire accent!! I have added all six files below:

Tape 1

Tape 2

Tape 3

Tape 4

Tape 5

Tape 6

If anyone would like the full set, please contact the Editor here.



Do you know of any noteable Trawden characters , old (or young for that matter), people that have stories or tales to tell that would be of interest to the community?

Perhaps you have an unusual pastime or hobby. Let us know so we can present a feature with photos on this special page. Contact the Editor here


Our first 'interrogation' is with Tony Stansfield, click to find out about him.


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