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Trawden & District Homing Society

This racing pigeon club was reformed in 1996 after being wound up in the late 60's, in it's heyday it had around 40 members . In those days it was relatively easy for people to get hold of an allotment or rent a piece of ground off a farmer but now this is not so as councils seem to have no regard for allotments and would prefer to use this land for building . The sport on a whole is slowly dying out, having said this there are still some quarter of a million fanciers in this country. Technology has also played a part in the sports decline and youngsters would sooner play on computers or Play stations and watch tv rather than have an allotment and keep livestock. We reformed in 1996 and now have 9 members who send an average of 100 birds to inland races and 50 - 60 to the continental races. We are members of the N.E. Lancs federation consisting of clubs from Earby,Colne, Barnoldswick, Cowling and Burnley and compete against them each week. I propose to put a short article in every week giving the results of each race and telling readers a bit more about the sport.


David Pearson



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