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We are a group of Volunteers who all live within the Parish of Trawden Forest. We have varying levels of IT skills and experience, but we aim to provide local IT facilities & training whilst promoting & supporting other local projects.

We have updated the website to its current form and are always looking for input from others to ensure it is as up to date as possible.

We have an internet connected pc based at The Sun Inn, which is available to use FREE of charge. This facility can also be used as an administrative resource for local community groups.

We have been given a grant from the Awards for All charity, which has enabled to buy some of the latest technology. We aim to run informal workshops to train people to use these 'gadgets'.

The Group is made up of:-

Chair: Emma-jane Macdonald
Secretary: Bob Glozier
Treasurer: Adrian Foulkes

Lynn Blackburn
Gillian Greenwood
Leah Norcross
Len Robinson
Darren Shaw
George Singleton

We would also like to thank Pendle Personnel of Barrowford for the use of their IT suite to carry out our training.


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